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Ownism is an Online Shopping Social Marketplace in Goa – India

Ownism is an online platform for users to sell and buy their products,  with socialization features, they can earn points called O-coins in INR.  Based in Goa – India since 2017.

T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet Review – Features And Specifications

With its 8.9-inch screen, the T-Mobile G-Slate is noticeably smaller than both the 10.1-inch Xoom and the 9.8-inch iPad 2. The G-Slate is only slightly heavier than the iPad 2, but, like the Xoom, feels heftier, due to its odd weight distribution.

The G-Slate has a thickness of 0.49 inch, a little over one-third thicker than the iPad 2′s 0.34-inch profile. In landscape mode, its screen is as wide as the iPad 2′s, but is about an inch shorter in height. The G-Slate feels comfortable in our hands while typing, whether in landscape or portrait mode, and unlike the iPad 2 with its smooth-as-silk metal casing, the G-Slate isn’t as likely to slip from our grip.

On its bottom side, the tablet has ports for Mini-USB and Mini-HDMI–although not Micro-HDMI as on the Xoom. On the top are a volume rocker and microphone pinhole. Two speakers can be found on the right side, with another on the left. Also on the left are the power/lock button, a headphone jack, and the power adapter slot input.

Accessing the G-Slate’s SIM card is a little more involved than doing the same on the Xoom. There’s a hidden panel on the back, requiring you to push down and slide it, revealing the SIM slot as well as the reset button underneath.

These days you can’t have a tablet without a built-in camera, usually two. The G-Slate attempts to one-up the competition by including not only a front-facing 2-megapixel camera, but also a 5-megapixel 3D camera on the back. Technically, this is three cameras in all, although T-Mobile isn’t really marketing it that way.

If you’ve seen pics of the back of the G-Slate, you may have noticed a narrow silver plate across it. You may have also assumed this stylish-looking plate doubled as a kickstand. It doesn’t; its only function is to add a little design panache.

The G-Slate is the first Honeycomb tablet with out-of-the-box 4G support, courtesy of T-Mobile’s network. The tablet also comes with T-Mobile streaming TV preinstalled as well as an on-demand service called T-Mobile TV, EA’s Need for Speed Shift HD, Zinio Reader, and 3D camcorder and player software. Full Flash support is delivered via the Get Flash application, which will install Flash on the device within seconds.

The G-Slate also provides the usual tablet features, such as Bluetooth 2.1 support for audio and peripheral support (including Bluetooth keyboards). The Wi-Fi antenna supports bands up to 802.11n. Embedded sensors for screen brightness, accelerometer, and gyroscope are all included

A 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core mobile processor and 32MB of internal flash memory round out the specs.

The good: With 4G support, a wide-angle IPS screen, out-of-the-box streaming TV features, and Honeycomb support, the G-Slate is currently the best option for Android tablet shoppers.

The bad: Unless you have a thing for two-year contracts, the G-Slate is pretty expensive. 3D implementation is disappointing, and 4G drains the battery something quick.

by Kevin Statham 

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7 Tips To Inspire Your Destiny and Life Purpose

Are you happy with your current situation in life? Your answers could range from yes, no, maybe; then you start pondering and have these strange thoughts that have been recurring every time you ask yourself this question. You sigh these thoughts out with well, sure, kind of, not really honestly, whatever…


You don’t know why or what is it, but you feel that there is something lacking. So you sit there, physically and emotionally exhausted, and wallow in self-pity because you cannot get out of that dark tunnel.

Just like that man in the story, what we need is a light at the end of that tunnel. That light could metaphorically speak to your purpose in life. You don’t know which direction to take or you’re scared from not knowing what lies ahead of you? Maybe what you actually need is a beacon of light, a purpose, to inspire and motivate you not just to move forward but to actually do a significant change in your life.

For some, finding their purpose is easy while for many, it is difficult and so they come away frustrated and dissatisfied. They cannot find their light. Sometimes however, one needs not to simply find it as you could create your own light.

You could use your own match or some friction to ignite that fire. Sometimes, it’s helpful to hear words of wisdom and advice from our ancient thinkers. What’s the best way to do that but to hear some from Socrates, the father of philosophy. Maybe his words could ignite a fire in your heart you never thought would be possible:

#1. Know Thyself

This basically means self-reflection, knowing your purpose starts with knowing yourself. It could serve as a means of awakening and discovering your inner soul, what is it saying, what does it want?

From there, it is possible to unlock the ways to live your life with meaning and a sense of fulfillment. Know yourself by asking these soul searching questions once in a while:

Why am I here?
Where do I want to go or to be?
What is my heart’s desires?
What do I want to change?
What can I do, what is my potential?
What inspires me?

These questions would be helpful in assessing your passion and interest, and in turn, give you a direction in which road to take. Also, take notes of your answers and compare them to your previous ones in order to see the changes and developments.

When it becomes hard for you to answer these questions, you could seek help from others.

Having a little chat with some people who know you like your parents and friends could help you unravel some things about yourself.

#2. Think For Yourself

Sometimes, what makes it difficult for many to discover their inner souls is that they are denying themselves this self-knowledge. Aside from being difficult, self-knowledge could be painful to some.

As a young girl, you grew up with a passion for ballet and then people start telling mean things about your dancing, that you’re not really good. You’re hurt and so you hide your shoes away and play small even though you are dying to show the world what you can do. You think you are not talented enough, and you let others extinguish that fire.

There would always be a battle between wants and couldn’t. People will tell you what you couldn’t do but in order to have that purpose, to live that meaningful life, you should know that only you could say what you couldn’t do.

#3. Seeking To Become Better

As mentioned earlier, purpose cannot only be found but also created. It does not come easily to everyone and it could be a long and gradual process so you could start by wanting to have that significant change then seeking it.
Set your purpose, own it.

#4. To be is to do

Of course, after you set your purpose, you need to act it. Wear your heart out in your sleeves. If you can picture in your head what you are supposed to be or what can make you happy, take it into action.

#5. Be aware of the bareness of a busy life

For some, being busy equates to having your purpose in life. You have a busy job, you have children to take care of, or those sort of things that you write in your planners.

However, it would not hurt to take some days off, take a little break and just live in the moment. Busyness creates an illusion that you are living you’re life but there are actually more important things that you are missing on. Give yourself some time to reconsider the things you are doing in a daily basis.

#6. The unexamined life is not worth living

Others might be wondering, how would I know if this is really my purpose? Go back to tip 1, know thyself, and ask yourself those questions again. What more should you be doing everyday to bring you not just personal purpose but also affecting other people around you?

Your sense of purpose change from time to time and we cannot actually determine that your purpose at one time would be the same for another year or a decade.

Assess and evaluate your life if it’s exactly what you wanted it to be, and the rest is up to you.

#7. Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued

At the end of it, Socrates would ask us not just to set a life purpose but a good life purpose, a virtuous one which would also bring good to others.

By Kimberley Martinez

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A Challenge to Our Two Candidates – Why Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton MUST Read This Book


E. Dennis Brod, the philosopher and author of The Essence of Ethical Pragmatism (the common sense philosophy), has issued a challenge to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The recently published book, lauded as being non-partisan and impartial, explains the philosophy of ethical pragmatism (EP) and shows how we can all lead our lives smarter and better, whether simply doing a personal, individual chore or running a government like that of the United States. In terms of serving in federal government, whether in a low-level ministerial job, in the Congress, the judiciary or in any level of administration in the executive branch including the president, the simple tenets of this philosophy as set out in the book would seem to help in reaching all the goals we seek in our lives and, regarding candidates for the presidency, in reaching the goals that candidates often talk about but seldom seem to achieve. The challenge deals with one specific goal related to the philosophy.

The author’s views on how to get things done should not be considered a theoretical, utopian fantasy. This is a philosophy that deals with reality. EP is based on pragmatism and insists on doing only that which will work without regard to labels, prejudices, ideologies or dogmas. It requires accurately assessing facts and ignoring all corrupting emotions. It is completely non-partisan, impartial and objective. It requires the use of common sense.

Three major industry reviewers just recently said about the book:

“Brod’s exposition is undoubtedly clearer than those of his philosophical predecessors …This is an admirably bipartisan book and it radiates open-mindedness.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Brod’s book is clearly written and easily accessible to lay readers … those seeking a practical philosophy will find interesting ideas presented here.”
—Blueink Reviews

“Observing incompetence and hypocrisy in government and society, the author proposes that these current systems are faulty … There is much food for thought in this readable philosophical book” Rebecca Foster, Foreword/Clarion Reviews

This is what Brod’s challenge says about this one crucial topic in his challenge to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump:

I challenge Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to acknowledge and address the issue described in this article.

Not very long ago, our government managed to get us through some very difficult situations. In the last century, we fought two world wars, engaged in other armed conflicts around the globe, survived the greatest economic catastrophe in history and made great progress in the beginnings of overcoming racial oppression. Unfortunately, we may never be able to repeat whatever successes we achieved then because the political character of our nation has changed dramatically. As a result of this change, shown in the following paragraphs, the candidates for the presidency now must realize that they have to prepare for something entirely different in terms of intensity than that of their predecessors if they are elected. They have to know that they will be stepping into a figurative combat zone in attempting to lead our country. The great change between politics of today and that of yesteryear relates to attitudes and behavior of elected officials and others serving in, or working in relationship to, government. I am talking principally about the flagrant and destructive hostility between our only two real political parties.

There have always been differences between and among members of different political parties. Differences among humans is what defines us as a species and, in many way, contributes to the development of ideas, technologies and varied perspectives that result in myriad benefits to our race. But today we see something that is inimical to mere differences of opinion or broad philosophical approaches to government. Today we have hatred. And the hatred is not confined to elected officials and those serving in government. It is rampant among journalists and in all aspects of what we call the media. It is felt and expressed by the general public.

There are many issues being addressed by both candidates for the presidency. But in reporting, in general, the media tend to focus more on personalities than issues. The media appear to have the notion that the general public is incapable of appreciating the serious side of election campaigns and perhaps they are right. They seem to believe that the average voter prefers to hear about, see, and to a much lesser degree, read those things that are commonly regarded as sensational. Predictably, that is exactly what they provide. As a result, coverage of elections in our country has degenerated into a pandering frenzy.

Many commentators, not all in the United States, believe that, in general, the media are biased. In this particular election the overwhelming criticism indicates a bias in favor of Hillary Clinton, doubtless growing out of the notion that most of the media are on the left of the political spectrum, but also based on actual observations about the content of coverage. But this tends to mean much more than favoring one candidate over another. It also means favoring one political party over the other, ignoring the reality that nearly half of the American electorate will vote for each party’s nominees. Although newspaper and other media endorsements are a tradition in American elections, media efforts to ruin a candidate are something else, and this appears to be the situation orchestrated against Donald Trump, and of necessity, the Republican party. This is not limited simply to negative photos and slants on statements, speeches and policy positions, but an outright scheme to ruin the candidate by making him seem ridiculous at every opportunity.

As one of the recent reviews states, my book is “admirably bipartisan”. This is true, but the philosophy is more than “bipartisan”, it is totally non-partisan. It is completely objective and impartial. I can only speculate about the above reviewer’s thought processes, but this conclusion was presumably reached due to the express tenet of the philosophy which requires focus on the facts – objectively, impartially and unemotionally with a total disregard of labels. Focus on actual facts is no longer occurring in our political campaigns in general, and in the one being waged now, the loss of focus is a disaster.

In terms of the relationship between the respective supporters of our two political parties, the media are doing a great disservice to the electorate. Whatever the media think of the electorate – that they are stupid, ignorant, irresponsible, foolish and gullible – the electorate deserve the truth. This means the unvarnished truth, without spin, without slant, without secret agendas and without opinion unless such communication is openly declared to be an opinion. Reporting the truth means treating both political parties without bias. It means holding the candidates to the same standards, regardless of gender, personality, hair style, size, weight or any other characteristic that does not directly reflect on one’s ability to govern. Intelligence, integrity, compassion, executive prowess – these are relevant. Reporting or commenting on trifles, personalities and the sensational is not simply irrelevant, it is an abandonment of responsibility. But there is something more. Holding up any candidate to personal ridicule foments the type of enmity that augments emotional responses and contributes to the abandonment of focus on values and issues. It fuels the emotions rather than the intellect and it creates and atmosphere more conducive to conflict than cooperation.

In terms of coverage, whether in favor of one candidate or the other, any intelligent observer has to be dismayed at the amount of media exposure regarding, as examples, Hillary Clinton’s difficulty getting through a subway turnstile or Donald Trump’s hair. But this is what we have and it is difficult to change.

Speaking of change, Donald Trump wants to make America great again. This is a noble goal. Although this notion is a slogan of the Trump campaign, I am certain that Hillary Clinton, if she felt that America was no longer great, would be in favor of making America great again too. To make a point, let us assume that both candidates came to publically agree on wanting to make America great again. Does this relate to anything in the book about EP? Is this related to the challenge being made in this piece? Yes, because the simple, apparently unacknowledged fact is that no president alone has the power to make America or anything great again or even for the first time for that matter. In fact, all plans, projects and programs, whether foreign or domestic, whether social or military, cannot be implemented in our country without the participation, consent and funding by the Congress. And at this time in our history, our Congress consists of two parties at war with each other. The two candidates are challenged to acknowledge this.

In the book, the philosophy indicates how to get things done in a pragmatic way. In order to do that, certain requirements have to be respected, one of which is being totally objective when making observations so as to start working with the facts. And by facts, we mean the real facts, without spin, without preconceived notions and with complete impartiality. This is very difficult for the public to do when, among other negative things, they are bombarded nightly by the bilge from scripts written for late night talk show hosts bent on ridicule. No one in that situation wants to be serious about the future of our country because entertainment, no matter how destructive to our nation, is better for television ratings. EP requires being honest with others, but particularly with one’s self, no matter how painful it may be. Without the unabashed truth, any attempt to address a problem, confront an issue, design a plan or create anything new is like trying to build a skyscraper on quicksand (no intention to refer to a Donald Trump here). In terms of this particular concept, this is what the book itself, as well as the philosophy explained in the book, would propose: that the facts to be acknowledged by both candidates are the realities associated with relations between our two American political parties. This is the most pressing situation ruining our country because it diverts focus away from issues to partisan political (what the book defines as “competitive politics”) activities. These activities cause legislative gridlock, waste energy, effort and talent and cause the failure of our elected and appointed officials to meet their responsibilities to the American people.

So what is the totality of the challenge to these two candidates? What can these candidates can get from this book? First, they can sincerely begin to recognize and confront reality of what an elected president will face. They can get the point that unless each has a way of bringing the two political parties together, they will go nowhere in attempting to fulfill the loftiest goals they are promising to the American people. And second, the respective candidates and their teams can, and must, through the type of critical thinking described in the book, devise a sensible program for effecting a reconciliation between Democrats and Republicans. In so doing, they will be on their way to making our government function the way it was intended to function and the way it did for generations before. When I suggest a sensible program, I do not mean platitudes and generalities, I mean specifics and details. They could start with such things as making appointments in the new administration or in the judiciary. They could use their considerable collective abilities to devise other creative ways to bring all our officials to believe they are all on the same team. This does not require a sacrifice of one’s core beliefs. Quoting from Chapter Four of the book “[W]e should never compromise principles, but always be willing to compromise positions”.

In an overview of this specific challenge relative to the prevailing reality of the state of our two political parties, this writer believes that the candidate who presents the first credible plan for accomplishing this goal will have an easier path to the White House.

Article Source:  by E Dennis Brod

Information You Should Know When Looking to Buy Jewelery

For the average person looking at jewellery can be exciting, but confusing. What do all these terms mean?


Jewelry terms, especially relating to actual Gem stones, are very important because the price of the final item is dictated by the stone quality and cut. Following are some of the terms you’ll come across.

Blemish: Imperfections found on the surface of a Diamond.

Brilliance: describes how well a diamond reflects white light.

Carat: is a unit of weight measurement used for weighing diamonds. For more information see The 4 Cs of Diamonds

Clarity: How “clear” the diamond is. For more information see The 4 Cs of Diamonds

Cloud: Most diamond defects are dark. This however is a milky colour, and a lot less noticable as a result.

Colour: The tint of the diamond. For more information see The 4 Cs of Diamonds

Crown: The upper surface of a cut diamond.

CT or CTS: Carat Total Weight of a diamond.

CTW: Carat Total Weight of a diamonds on piece of jewelry.

Cut: The shape of a finished diamond. For more information see The 4 Cs of Diamonds

Eye Clean: Diamond looks clear to the naked eye. For more information see The 4 Cs of Diamonds

Facets: The number of angles cut into a diamond. The more facets the shinier the diamonds appearence.

Finish: As you may expect, this is the quality of the diamond’s workmanship.

Make: The cut and proportion of a diamond.

Polish: How well buffed the facets of the diamond are.

Symmetry: Good diamonds have been cut symetrical.

Table:Top surface of a cut diamond. Flat like a table top.

I trust this will help you when next looking to spend some of your hard earned money.

by Peter Roberts

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Using CCTV Dome Cameras to Protecting Your Business

So you’re interested in purchasing a CCTV camera for either home security or for commercial use, but you don’t know what type of camera to purchase? Let me suggest dome cameras to you, in this article I’ll be going into detail over the advantages of CCTV dome cameras.


A CCTV dome camera is repeatedly outfitted with a dark colored glass dome. As a result of which the camera is concealed in brilliantly. This takes into consideration making the dome design the most inoffensive looking design. In any business arrangement, this has an apparent benefit of not displeasing the consumers very much. Thanks to its dark colored dome, it happens to be a bit complicated to expose which way the camera inside the dome is facing. This creates a bit more insecurity to the individual venturing to cause damage. Besides, if anything the likely criminals have an aversion to it is the insecurity. Accordingly, they will hesitate prior to struggling executing something.

Here are the reasons why I choose CCTV dome cameras:

Vandal proof design

By the virtue of the dome shape, dome cameras are more vandal-proof. First, it is difficult for a vandal to figure out how to approach disabling a camera. Second, before disabling the camera, he would have to deal with the protective dome. So that is a double whammy. As in any crime, time is of essence and the vandal may think twice before attempting to vandalize the camera.

More inconspicuous outlook

A dome camera can be equipped with a tinted dome, usually of a dark color. That hides the camera inside very well. It makes the dome design the most inconspicuous design. In business, that has an advantage of not unduly disturbing the customers.

Less obvious to know what direction the camera is pointing to

Because of the tinted dome, it may be quite difficult to ascertain what direction the camera inside is pointing to. This adds an additional degree of uncertainty to the attempted mischief. And if the potential perpetrators hate something, it is uncertainty. So they will think twice before attempting their act.

by Lucifer 

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Facial Tips for Maximize your Glow

Facial treatment is necessary to improve skin tone and provide a natural glow. No matter what skin type you have, make sure to take care of your skin regularly.

Ownism health

Regular facials are essential to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. These are simple and relaxing cosmetic procedure to improve your appearance. Facial treatments   keep your skin refresh , soft & radiant.

After a deep cleansing facial treatment, the skin temporarily becomes more sensitive. You should be careful with the touch, chemicals and the sun. If you’ve had an extraction performed, then it is extremely to give your skin a proper care.  Pollution, stress and lack of proper hygiene can damage your skin and facial treatment taken. So, you need to take extra care of your skin.

Here a few simple ways to take care of your skin and prolong its facial glow:

  1. Follow with a moisturizer: Moisturizers help to keep your skin soft & nourished. Plumping skin with a well-formulated moisturizercan smooth out wrinkles. It is important to keep your skin moisturized to avoid breakouts. Go for a non-comedogenic moisturizer to avoid irritation.
  2. Avoid sun: After a facial treatment, your skin is a little sensitive. Therefore, it is essential to avoid going out in the sun immediately after your treatment. The harmful UV rays can damage your skin and even cause scars. However, if it is necessary to step out, make sure to apply good amount of sunscreen. It   avoids irritation.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated: Keeping yourself hydrated after a facial treatment helps to let your glow last longer. It is also eliminates toxins substances from your body.
  4. Wash your face with right products: After facial treatment, you must wash your face only after a minimum of 24 hours. Also, while washing your face, pick a gentle Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Cleanser so that it does not irritate your skin. It also prevents further breakouts.
  5. Avoid touching your face: Do not touch your face and also avoid popping pimples after a facial treatment. Touching your face can transfer impurities & bacteria to your face, which might cause fresh breakouts.
  6. Avoid makeup: Putting on makeup after a facial treatment can block skin pores & reduce the skin breathability. It is therefore recommended not to apply makeup for up to 12 hours after the treatment.
  7. Skip facial steaming & sauna: Usually skin pores open up after getting facial treatment. Do not take stem as it can further widen the pores and strip away the glow . It can even cause skin damage.
  8. Avoid using harsh scrubs & soaps: Exfoliating skin with a gentle scrub or a peel-off mask to achieve a smoother surface is a good option. Do not exfoliate your skin using harsh scrubs & soaps after facial. You can also choose good quality Rhonda Allison products to fade away brown discolorations, improve skin tone, and reduce wrinkles.
  9. Avoids stress: To maintain a healthy lifestylePsychology Articles, avoid taking stress as it can make your skin look dull and lifeless. Eat a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.
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You must know these 5 domain name blogging/portal sites before enter into the domain flipping business.

  1. D N Journal


Domain Name Journal is an domain name journalism portal, focused on web publishing, domain sales and monetization, you will get weekly sales report from various domain name market places like Sedo, Flippa, Afternic, etc.. by DNJ’s Editor & Publisher Mr. Ron Jackson, include updated yearly report, you can do research & analyse ‘’what is trending in current market?’’ grab the knowledge from experiences.

  1. Domain Sherpa


DomainSherpa is the leading educational media company dedicated to the domain name industry, where you can learn all of the secrets of the domain name industry – directly from experts. Interesting is taking interviews of hot domainers about their recent sales and tricks behind it, Mr Michael Cyger, publisher at DomainSherpa is one of my favourite in this industry.

  1. Domain Name Wire


Domain Name Wire is a news source for the domain name industry written by industry experts and edited by Mr. Andrew Allemann. Topics are relevant for domain name owners, intellectual property attorneys, trademark lawyers, domain registrars, domain services companies and anyone interested in the domain name industry.

  1. DNGeek

    cropped-dngeek-01-wide-cmyk-2 is the personal blog of Mr. Doron Vermaat.

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He currently spearheads the business development efforts for, Asia’s largest search engine for jobs.

Interesting feature in DNgeek is newly funded startups and their domain names.

  1. OnlineDomains

logo01-photo, by Mr. Konstantinos Zournas, a domain name news website and blog. provides daily updates on domain names news, domain name sales, legal issues and website development. gives you access to the latest domain name news, provides information on upcoming domain name auctions, reports on domain name sales and auctions, provides information on upcoming New gTLD releases.

Other useful sites you should know: , , , etc..


Indian celebrities with highest number of fan following on twitter (Top-10)

1. Narendra Modi –  @narendramodi(2.4 Crore) followers



2. Amitabh Bachchan – @SrBachchan (2.2 Crore) followers



3. Shah Rukh Khan – @iamsrk(2.15 Crore) followers



4. Aamir Khan@aamir_khan(1.9 Crore) followers



5. Salman Khan – @BeingSalmanKhan –  (1.9 Crore) followers



6. Deepika Padukone – @deepikapadukone  –  (1.6 Crore) followers



7. Hrithik Roshan – @iHrithik – (1.5 Crore) followers



8. Priyanka Chopra – @priyankachopra – (1.5 Crore) followers



9.Akshay Kumar –  @akshaykumar – (1.4 Crore) followers



10. A.R.Rahman@arrahman(1.2 Crore) followers